TEFAL Roast and Bake Multi-Function

Roast and Bake Multi-Function Free-standing: serve direct to table
Roast & Bake can roast, bake, grill, poach and fry all your favourite recipes.
The Roast & Bake is so portable it is also perfect to take when holidaying or camping.
With Tefal innovation, the Roast & Bake pan features a Prometal® coating. The pan also features the Thermo-Spot®, a Tefal patented technology, which indicates when the pan is hot enough to start cooking.
For complete ease and convenience, the Roast & Bake has a 4 L capacity so an entire meal can be cooked in one pot. And when finished, clean up is a breeze as the pan is dishwasher safe.
The Roast & Bake also features a handy viewing window in the lid which allows you to check on the cooking progress without the need to remove the lid, thus retaining the heat.

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